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Finding the Look For Your Body- Color and Style Tips

Posted on November 26 2015

Fashion and color go hand in hand, as does body size and shape. As believed by every fashion expert, the choice of color reflects an individual’s fashion sense. And finding the best fit for your body type can be just as important when choosing your look and style. Apart from these factors, season also plays an important role. For instance, while summers mean pastel and neutral shades, winters are mainly for brown, black and gray; the time of year can also impact the fashion look you choose based on weather and temperature factors. As the cooler temperatures begin to come in, more and more women struggle through their closets in search of the best clothes for their cool weather fashion needs. Here are some of the popular cool weather colors and some tips for using them to accentuate your body type:

  1. Tangerine

Tangerine is termed as the color of the winter. If you do not have a tangerine color outfit, it is time to head to a store and remedy this. Tangerine falls into the rust family of colors. You can always team up a tangerine dress with black or gray footwear. This is a bold color and will draw people's eyes so if you have areas you do not want to emphasize, keep the tangerine to a minimal. Use it in a scarf or a shawl that can offer just a splash of color.

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  1. Burgundy

Winter is the time for flaunting the rustic shades and burgundy is one of those. You can follow color-blocking in winter by opting for dark complementary colors. For instance, burgundy paired with green. These are opposite colors that match each other well. This color combination suits winter perfectly and does not make your look appear gaudy. For plus sized women, this shade is often best as an overlay that is paired with a brighter under shirt or later. Burgundy can also be a great choice for jewelry or hair accessories, specially if you have plea skin or light colored hair.

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  1. Gold

This color is necessary in winter wear. It complements the metallic fashion of winter and looks great with black. Gold is one of those select colors that look better when used on accessories than as the main focal color. For those with a more pear shaped body type, you will want to go easy on the gold and use it to accentuate your best features. For the apple body shape, keep gold colors to the top portion of your body.

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  1. Pale pink

Pale pink is often looked upon as a girly color and while many might think of it as a spring time color it works well for cooler weather fashions as a light bright under tone. Wearing a pale pink blouse under a heavier brown sweater or vest can make a stunning color combination. It also works well for most body types because it is light and airy and does not add weight the way some color can when worn by curvier women.

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