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Understanding Slimming and Flattening Shapewear

Posted on November 25 2015

Whether it is the first corsets, the suffocating girdles, or the new advances of spandex, women have always sough ways to alter the natural look of their bodies and to smooth those unwanted rolls and lines underneath their clothes. The invention of shape wear is not new by any means and can be found in references and comments dating back hundreds of years, and with new advanced n fabric and design they are getting even better. These undergarments are popular among women and they can help smooth and flatten problem areas under tighter fitting shirts, dresses, skirts, and pants. Here are some important things that you should know when it comes shopping around for shape wear.


What exactly is shape wear?

Shape wear is a term that is applied to any undergarment that is deigned and worn in order to slim, shape, or tighten the look of the body. It is a fashion that is commonly used by women and includes everything from firming hose, support bras, body slips, and singlets. There are many different varieties and styles and shapes so you can find something to help with any problem area- from tummy roles, leg dimpling, to arm juggles. Shape wear is popular among plus sized women but they are used by all sizes in order to slim and even the shape and curves of the female body.


Choosing shape wear to buy:

Wading through all the options that are available for shape wear can be intimidating for a first time buyer. One of the best places to buy these undergarments is at retail stores, outlets, and malls where there are sales attendants on site to help you and answer any questions you may have so you can find the shape wear that is going to fit your needs. Some brands are more expensive and others may have limited sizes or styles available, so make sure you take the time to shop around and get a feel for what is available in your area.


Tips to cover the basics:

While shape wear has become a must have for many plus sized women today, it is still a bit of a mystery and an unknown area of fashion for many. The sight of the more complex pieces, such as firming slips with attached bras, can terrify someone the first time they try to put it on. Make sure you select your shape wear somewhere you can try it on before you buy it- you don't want the first time you wrangle with it to be an hour before you big night out. Also, be sure to wear the item of clothing you are going to ear the undergarment with when you try it on, or at least the same type of garment so you can make sure it will look good. Ask for help, talk to a sales associate, or ask a friend or family member to help you with the selection and fitting.


While wearing shape wear cant make you a size 8, it can help to keep problem areas smoothed over for that special date night, wedding shoots, and other special occasions. So take the time to look around, try them on, and see how easy it is to start looking and feeling bettering your clothes with the help of shape wear.

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