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The ultimate model with beauty, elegance and style

Posted on October 31 2015

Coming on stage and presenting yourself as out the pack is an art which only famous people know how to do. Fashion industry has been blessed with many new and old faces who have marked their names with elegance and style on the ramp. One can name many of the models who themselves now stand as a brand to promote the fashion and art of beauty presentation.
At present we are having some highly talented models from round the world gaining access to most popular platforms of Miss Universe and Miss World with the talent, hard work and continuous struggle to win the ultimate race.

Gisele Bundchen is one of the names who is on top of the chart, on the front of the fashion magazines and perhaps the highest paid model in few last years. The following are some of the facts about this dazzling beauty which our readers would like to read.

Gisele Bundchen

Popeye's Olive Oyl
Gisele Bundchen, the beauty with unmatchable blue eyes was born in 1980 in the family of two German citizens. The little girl was at first somewhat light and skinny but had a tall body structure. That is the reason the friends and companions in the school always used to call her as “Popeye’s olive oil” which normally not suits a child at that very age. In childhood she was usually found playing sports like the basketball and gymnastics which later turned very advantageous for the child since it added to her height a lot. She also thought of becoming a volley ball player at some early stages of her life but destiny was meant to be different for her.

Popeye’s olive oil

Life changing event
It was as old as 1994 when Gisele turned 14 and was on a family tour Sao Paulo in United States where she was having her food in a MacDonald’s outlet. There that young little girl came across a modelling agency agent who knowing her inner style and beauty advised to meet her for an audition of modelling agency. It was that moment when the women actually accepted the offer of making new steps in the fashion industry.

Gisel 1995
First Stance
The first major victory came for the young girl when she stared for the modelling agency in 1995 and remained the runner up of the competition. It is worth mentioning that the girl was not at all supported by her father at first move of taking part in the modelling competition. In the very next step the young girl managed to secure 4rth position In the world contest which persuaded her to move to New York the place of opportunities for young models having many of the modelling agencies.

Rapid progress
It was this first stance on the victory stage that the young lady decided to never look back. One after another many of the titles fell on her feet and made path for the women. Gisele managed to take the front cover of many amazing and famous modeling magazines. It was 1999 when the rolling stone magazine named the young girls as the one of the most beautiful faces around the world. The Sunday times termed the astonishing character as the “The best body in the world”. She also stared against the best and only Leonardo Di Caprio and the combo was known as the “Most beautiful couple of the world”.

1999 when the rolling stone magazine named the young girls as the one of the most beautiful faces around the world.

Earnings in hand
Gisele Bundchen is known to make most of the million dollar payments in the fashion industry. It has been reported that the top notch model is making higher money than any of the rivals in the industry with the expected annual income of 150 million USD. One can estimate the fast track record of progress of this model from the fact that only by 2000 the rate of the women was $ 7000 USD an hour. The lady was pretty much in to the real estate business and invested a lot in buying property as early as she was 19 years old.

Family information and facts
The model is living happily with NFL star tom Brady and has two kids. Gisele Bundchen has 5 sisters. The story doesn’t stop on just modelling since one of her sister is a judge serving at America’s prominent court. Gisele is pretty much serious about the cleanliness of her room and do not want’s anyone to interfere in her private life. The women is nominated in Guinness book of world records as the richest model in the whole world.


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