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Plus Size Model

Posted on October 27 2015

While fashion models are often envisioned to be tiny little things that are in a size 2 or smaller dress, there is a growing trend today that is starting to catch on- plus sized models.

50 or 60 years ago, the norm for beauty was curves and a little extra padding. There has been a slow and gradual shift back to that and some industries and companies are noting that curvy plus size girls can be just as beautiful and look just as stunning as the skinny stick figure girls on the runway and on the magazine covers.

Curvy Plus Size

Here are some of the popular models who are not your typical skinny slim figures and who are helping to show the world that plus sizes can be beautiful too!


Emme has been called the first plus-size model in the United States to get wide spread attention and fame for her work. She was the host of the popular show Fashion Emergency, which aired on E! and she also has appeared on many popular TV networks. In 1994 and 1999 she made People Magazine's list of "50 Most Beautiful People". Her fame grew even more when she started as a spokesperson for Revlon in 1998, and made history again by being the first plus size spokeswoman to work under contract for such a large and well known cosmetics company.

Emme Plus Size Model


Crystal Renn has an inspiring story of why she embraces her curvy model status- she once suffered from severe anorexia and when she got back her health and accepted what she was and who she was, she became and plus size model. She became known around the world thanks to her editorials in each of Vogue's U.S., Italian, French and German editions. She has also been featured on the covers of Elle, Spanish edition and Harper's Bazaar, Russian edition. She has also made numerous appearances in many prominent fashion shows.

Crystal Renn Plus Size Model


Johanna Dray of France was first featured in John Galliano's 'Everybody is Beautiful' Spring 2006 show as well as the French Vogue editorial featuring that same collection. In both appearances she was wearing what soon became Galliano's best-selling dress of the entire show. With an education and experience in fashion design, Dray is now known as the first plus-size model in Europe that has started making her own plus-size clothing line.

Johanna Dray Plus Size Model 

Tara Lynn is currently with IMG Models in New York and Paris. She is best known because she was on the cover of the June 2011 issue of Vogue Italia. It was a group cover shoot and she was featured along with other big fashion names- Marquita Pring and Robyn Lawley. Since then she has appeared on several covers and been featured prominently in many state and international magazines and fashion reviews.

Tara Lynn Plus Size Model 

Tami Fitzhugh-Thompson first started making ripples in the fashion world when she appeared on the front of one of Essence's magazine. She was also featured in a special edition of People Magazine that was dedicated to top plus size models. She has done a lot with fashion photography and editorials and has worked with notable photographers such as Walter Chin and Rankin.

Tami Fitzhugh-Thompson Plus Size Model 

The world of fashion is always growing and changing and at long last it seems as if the world is willing to acknowledge the beauty and elegance of the plus size model!


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