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Comfort, style and cultivated beauty in innerwear’s

Posted on November 05 2015

Since from the prehistoric times women have always tried to beauty her shape and appearance through the use of different products and treatments. It’s in her nature to look different and glorified, best among other women.

There are many of the stores and retailers working for providing women the best experience when we talk about the beauty products and clothing’s. Of all these stores and outlets the best one in its name and quality always comes out to be Victoria’s secret. This US based firm has millions of customers satisfied with its quality and top notch products completely accompanied with modern standards.

History of the Victoria’s secret

Victoria’s secret started it’s working in 1977 with a small store and warehouse. The company is known to have many stories about its starting adventure. But for most of these stories the common fact is about “Roy Raymond” who tried to get her women a lingerie. But he also wanted that her loving wife do not gets any negative thought about him buying the lingerie for her women.

Raymond envisioned a Victorian bedroom, well stocked with the heavy woodwork, Asian rugs, and with the silk garment. He decided the title "Victoria" to provoke the legitimacy and respect that is linked with the Victorian time; externally refined, Victoria’s "secrets" were undisclosed beneath. It was the year of 1977, when with the savings of just $80,000 and loans from family members, Raymond along with his wife took a space on lease in an area under a medium sized mall commonly containing the shopping centers in Palo Alto, Calif. This is how Victoria’s secret started and was born.

Victoria Secret Lingerie

Early days

When we see the early working of the organization we come across the fact that Victoria’s secret was actually more diverted towards the men outfits rather than the women dresses and underwear’s. It was 1979 when actually the firm starting introducing small items of women interests.

Victoria Secret Lingerie

Wheels on motion

The company was going to collapse when the present owner Wexner and his company decided to take a step and buy the brand. Wexner plan was to move the brand towards women undergarments and clothing since according to him it can revolutionize the buying and selling industry. The idea proved to be great.

According to Wexner, the special attention to product that could cater the customers and clients interest may help the company and brand indeed to have more potential customers. And time proved that he was correct. His best move was to know the space availability in the market that hadn’t get any attention from the brands and then worked upon that particular space. He not only worked on that but brought innovation in this regard.

From inner wear to outer wear

Wexner what had in mind and what he was responsible of was to show the hidden clothing under the outer wear of a common women or a man. This was his step that in a matter of few years the women on the fashion stages and ramp walks came just by wearing the lingerie and underwear’s.

Some facts and resources

Victoria’s secret is now one of the leader selling brand in the field of women under garments. The company is providing lingerie, bras and panties through the online portals, stores and websites all around the United States and even outside. It has been estimated that only in the year of 2012 the company managed to gather a finance of 6.12 billion USD. The company also sells its beauty products known for their quality and separate outlook perfection.

Victoria Secret Beauty Products

Fantasy Bra’s

The company since is leading the bra’s shopping and is continuously providing its customers with ultimate beauty product so again it came with dazzling and attractive million dollar bra’s. These bra’s as covered with jewels were then again renamed to fantasy bra’s.

These bras are made one or two every year and they make the part of the annual Victoria secret catalogue. Two fantasy bras were made for the fashion week in 2014. The most expensive and highest paid 15 million USD bra was made by Victoria’s secret being used by top model Gisele in 2000. The first fantasy made was made in the year 1996.

Victoria Secret Fantasy Bra

Fashion week

The Victoria’s secret fashion week is held on regular basis where the models wear the companies made outfits to present them to the world. These fashion weeks are making much in the field of modelling by starring top of the chart models from round the world in the Victoria’s secret underwear’s.

 Victoria Secret Lingerie fashion Show

Victoria Secret Lingerie Fashion Show

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