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Finding the Right Look for Your Wedding Dress

Posted on October 25 2015

  Getting the perfect dress, accessories, and look for your wedding day is all about balance and feeling at ease and being comfortable throughout the ceremony. The best looking ceremony is a waste if you are too on edge and stressed to enjoy any of it. Finding the right wedding jewelry, dress, look, and style is something that can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to help make this part of your wedding planning much easier, even if you are a curvy girl with fewer options for dress styles and accessories.


Metals That Compliment

Certain metals used in your jewelry look better and compliment different color tones. Knowing what works and brings out the best in your dress color is a great starting place as you search for the perfect piece of jewelry. So consider the color dress and the color scheme for your wedding and consider these three classic wedding dress colors- all of which are very popular and easy to wear, no matter your size.

White Gown: Gold might be too bright and have too extreme of a contrast with the traditional white wedding gown. Good options for this color dress are more muted shades such as pearl and platinum. Those who need to wear plus size bras, corsets, or other undergarments need to take care as even flesh tones can sometimes show up through pure white materials.

 Plus Size Wedding Dress       


Off-White Gown: One of the most common dress colors, especially for vintage wedding dresses, the best jewelry color can be just about any metal color, so try out the gold, silver, titanium, rose gold, and gemstone pieces! These are easier to hid bras and undergarments under and still offer a close to white feel, plus sized girls love them because they let them have a white wedding while helping them look their best in the dress.

Plus Size Wedding Dress


Ivory Gown: For this color wedding gown, which is known to often have strong yellow undertones, the metal of choice is often gold jewelry that helps to highlight the creamy coloration of the dress. As far as bras are concerned this is one of the safest options that still give you a close to white wedding gown and still offers some cover for your bra.

 Plus Size Vintage Wedding Dress    Plus Size Wedding Dress

Pay Attention to the Neckline

When it comes accessorizing and choosing the best bra for your wedding day dress, make sure that you pay close attention to the neckline of your dress. This is especially true for those girls needing plus sized bras as the way a bra fits and holds and shapes your breasts can change the way a dress looks on you!

Sweetheart or Strapless: This style of dress often times does not need a necklace, as the elegance and style comes from the cut of the dress. Bras can be tricky for a well endowed woman and are generally saved for those who are a little smaller on top.

Plus Size Wedding Dress    Plus Size Wedding Dress    Plus Size Wedding Dress

Vintage: For a dress that implements a more vintage look and flair, give it a unique twist by going more modern in your jewelry choices. There are many different cuts and looks available in vintage style so make sure the bra you wear when you try the dress on is the one you wear the day of the ceremony.

V-neck: This is a very popular dress neckline style and is complimented well with a pendant, choker, or a chain necklace. It also is a great cut for accentuating larger breasts that are well supported with a good plus sized bra.

Plus Size Wedding Dress V-neck

Halter or Reverse Halter: This wedding dress is fairly modern and does not lend itself easily to accessories and it can be a bit of a challenge finding a bra that fits without showing straps or not offering enough support- but it can be done, even for larger curvy girls.

Plus Size Wedding DressPlus Size Wedding Dress 

Keep it Simple

Sometimes the answer is to remember the word KISS- Keep It Super Simple. A wedding dress is not made by the jewelry but it can be broken by too much bling. Also choosing the right bra for your special day is just as important as the rings themselves.

So find the bra that works for you and find the dress that works with your bra type and you will be set to enjoy the happiest day of your life. Remember, the most beautiful ceremony will be dull and drab if you are not smiling, enjoying yourself, and feeling beautiful.

The smile on your face and the joy in your eyes is what will make your wedding outfit absolutely perfect!

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