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Fun Bra, Boos, and Women's Facts...

Posted on October 13 2015

As a woman, you likely think you know a lot about bras and boobs, especially if you wear plus sized bras and lingerie, but there is still a lot that many people do not know. If you are ready for some fun and a little education, then read on and discover some amazing little known fun bra, boobs, and women's facts:


  • the average women owns 9 pairs of bras
  • the average woman has 6 pairs of bras that she wears at least once a week
  • every years close to $16 billion is spent world wide on bras
  • the year was 1907 when Vogue Magazine first use the word brassier in print


  • Plus Size Bras are on the rise- the average size for bras today are around 36C and 10 years ago it was 34 B
  • close to 30% of women say they pass on buying an outfit because it requires a bra they don't own
  • most women will change bra sizes 6 to 7 times in their lifetime
  • it is estimated that 50% of British women wear a size D bar or larger
  • the worlds biggest breast augmentation is a 38KKK
  • in China you can major in bra studies
  • in the year 2011, around 307,180 breast enhancements were done in the US
  • the pricey Victoria’s Secret’s $15 million fantasy bra is the most expensive bra in the world
  • thousands of breast reductions are performed each year- on men
  • in Hawaii, Texas, Ohio, New York, and Maine women can legally walk around topless
  • in the Guinness Book of World Records 112 pounds is the record for the largest natural breasts


What other fun or interesting facts do you know? Share them with us and get in touch today! We here at My Bra Outlet are ready to help you with your plus size bra needs!



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