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The right bra for the right outfit

Posted on September 22 2015

Women's fashion spans a large and versatile range of looks and styles and is remarkably varied and unique. You may wear a t-shirt one day and an elegant black dress the next day. With every change in dress, you need to change your bra to help ensure the fit,support, and look best compliments the style of the outfit you are wearing at that time. Here are three things to keep in mind as you choose your clothes for the day and try to figure out what style bra best works for that day's look:


Choose the right color for the outfit. A flesh colored bra is the easiest to use as it is the most versatile and fits with most clothes. Shades that are close to your own skin show up the least under pale, sheer, or thin fabrics. It is best to avoid bold colors with any light colored or sheer fabric tops as the bra will show through. Also avoid bold prints for the same reason and it is best to avoid bras with lace and accessories if you are wearing tighter fitting tops or if you are a curvy girl who needs more support for plus sizes boos as they can pucker the shirt and create odd lumps as they show through the shirt.


Use sports bras for exercising. A sports bra is not meant to give you a flattering silhouette or make your breasts look perfect but it does its job. These bras are designed to keep you comfortable during your workout and to prevent your breasts from bouncing and swinging around as you exercise. Breast movement can be reduced by as much as 75% with a properly fitted sports bra which can save you a lot of aches and pains during and after your workout. This is especially essential for girls who are well endowed and who need to us plus size bras and undergarments.


If you are well-endowed thicker straps are best. Thicker shoulder straps are easier to wear, are more comfortable, and provide better support, which is a must for plus sized women. If you have a smaller bust size, up to a B you will likely be able to get by with thinner straps, but anything above a B will usually benefit from thicker straps on their bras.


Just as one size bra does not fit all, one type of bra does not fit all needs. Pay attention to what you are wearing and make informed decisions about what bra will best compliment your look. If you need plus sized bras for your new outfit, then head over to My Bra Outlet and check out all the new arrivals!


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