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Matching the Bra to the Clothing

Posted on September 15 2015

 Finding the perfect bra for whatever type of dress the day calls for is a big challenge that can be made easier by thinking about a few key types of bras and what type of clothes and outfits they work best with:

  • A standard simple bra or push up bra can be perfect for casual every day wear. It looks great under simple lose blouses and with t-shirts. They are easy to find ad comfortable to wear all day long. They also are easy to find in plus sizes. 


  • Many women love seamless bras because they are comfortable, easy to wear, and look great under tighter fitting tops. The great thing is they are now becoming easier to find in plus sizes and even DD and bigger can be found.


  • Look for a plunging style bra for those low cut blouses and dresses. When you have plus size bras they can be difficult to wear with some styles, but a plunging bra design can work and still offer the support you are looking for.


  • When you are looking for a bra to wear with a halter top, a halter style bra fits perfectly with the style and allows you to get decent support – though they can be a little harder to find and fit for plus sized girls.


  • Use a strapless bra when you have a sleeveless or spaghetti strap top. No one likes seeing bra straps peeking out from your outfit so this is the best option but it may take some time to find one that works for plus size bra needs.


  • Buying a convertible bra can be a great way to limit the number of bras you need and still allows for versatility. Convertible bras have adjustable straps, which let you change the style and gives you may bras all in one!


You understand the struggles of finding bras and coordinating bras with your chosen outfit, but for those who need plus sized bras and underwear it can be even more challenging and frustrating at times. But with these tips in mind, you can find the perfect one for your unique body and your unique needs! Head over to My Bra Outlet and check out the amazing selection that is available today!


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