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Common types of bras

Posted on August 24 2015

It is important and very helpful when it comes to fashion and shopping for plus sized bras and undergarments to know the common types of bras that are available. This information can help you find the right one for the right time quickly and easily.


Adhesive Bra

This is a bra that has no straps and backing and literally sticks to the skin. It is meant more to smooth the look of the breasts and to keep them fro moving as much when you wear a sleeveless or backless dress. These are not as common for plus sized women.

Bandeau Bra

This bra style is a simple band of cloth that is worn around the chest and covers the breast. Often referred to as tub-top bras, they are not meant to off much in the way of support or shaping.


Belly Dance Bra

Many women are surprised to find that belly dancer bra sizes run larger than normal and often fit better. This is especially true for curvy girls who may have trouble finding plus sized bras that fit them properly. These bras are meant to support well due to the movements in belly dancing so they are a good choice for support bras.


Built-in Bra

This type of bra makes used of supportive brassiere-like structures that are affixed inside shirts and other garments. They remove the need for a bra to be worn with the outfit but are usually only made with smaller cup sizes in mind.


Convertible Bra

This is a very versatile bra that has removable straps so it can be worn in multiple ways including strapless, traditional shoulder strap, cross back, and wrap around strap. Some plus sized bras are designed this way.


Demi Bra

These are half cup bras that allow for good cleavage as the bottom part of the bra is more like a push up bra and the open top allows for a pillowing affect. The open top portion can also be covered with lace or thin see through material as commonly seen in plus sized lingerie tops.


Front Closure Bra

This is one of the most common styles of bras and is also one of the styles that offer the best support for larger breasts and is a staple in many larger bra sizes because of the added support and reinforcement up front.


Minimiser Bra

Specially designed for women with high C cups and above, minimiser bras compress the breasts and hold them in tighter to the chest, giving the illusion of smaller breasts. Many plus sized women like minimiser bras because they reduce movement and are more comfortable than standard bras.


Padded Bra

These are simply bras with padding inside the lining and work to give the illusion of larger fuller breasts when a woman is smaller up top.


Shelf Bra

These are not functional bras and are usually meant more for foreplay and similar activities. They are a rigid strip of material that runs under the breasts and pushes up while covering very little if any of the breast.


Sports Bra
Provides firm support and reduces movement of the breasts during sports or exercise. They also help reduce discomfort or embarrassment during these types of activities and are a god-send for many plus sized women.


Water Bra

The final bra for this list is the water bra, which uses silicon or water filled cups that are interested into the lining of the bra and are designed to make your breasts look larger while maintaining the more natural look and feel.



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