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Video Blog- For all the Well Endowed Girls Out There- Like Me!

Posted on August 20 2015

Girls who have small boobs usually wish they had more up top, yet they have no clue what it is like to shop for plus sized bras and clothes. Those of us who were ‘blessed’ with them usually end up wishing they were a tad bit smaller. I know I sure have throughput my life since hitting puberty. My girls have always been big and I have never understood why some girls go through the hassle and expenses of getting boob jobs. Sure it makes the guys gawk and stare at you like a piece of meat, but that has never been my thing. If I had been able to, I would have gladly gone with the option of getting smaller boos- the hassle of shopping for plus sized bras is so not worth it in most cases.

However as I got older I can to accept how I was and learned to deal with the endless search for good clothes that looked good and fit well. I found places online like My Bra Outlet where I could get great looking lingerie at a great price. While I have come to accept and even love my ta-tas, I still at times wish they were a bit more manageable. The back aches get annoying, making sure people are not thinking I’m a slut for having the girls popping out a little is a pain, and I am glad I have a hubby now to chase away the guys who want to stare. I remember growing up having trouble playing sports and using certain exercise equipment because the boobies got in the way. And to this day I have arguments with people over a little cleavage peeking out from shirts and tops. However, it all is easier to bear when the stress of shopping for plus sized tops, bottoms and lingerie for plus sized gals like me has been taken care of.

Despite my acceptance of who I am and what my body shape is like, I still have to shake my head at those who say they wish they could be a DD or bigger on top. Unless you have had big boobs most of your life, you cannot fully understand what it is like. There is a unique set of problems that comes from having big breasts. It is not the worst thing in the world, but at times it can be a hassle, annoying, and frustrating when other people just don’t seem to understand! Check out this fun but oh so accurate video to get a small taste of what it is like to be a plus sized girl in the real world!

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