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Secret Things Most Plus-Size Women Hate About Shopping

Posted on August 18 2015

Secret Things Most Plus-Size Women Hate About Shopping


Everyone needs clothes, and while for many women it seems as simple and heading to the local mall or pulling up your favourite clothing store online and buying some new shirts, pants, or bras for many it is far from that easy. Many women find it to be a very real struggle to find clothes and lingerie that fits- welcome to the struggle of the pus sized woman. When searching for bigger clothes and pus sized bras and underwear, there are many challenges facing thousands of women:


  • Give up the bedazzler, it is so out of style. Pus sized women do not want ever shirt to be blinged out within an inch of its life and be full of sequence, gemstones, and dazzlers. Just make us something nice and simple!


  • Stop making plus-sized clothing pus size on the price tag too! Yes it takes more fabric to make our clothes but you do not have to make it twice as expensive, especially if you cannot make it look half way decent at least!


  • Stop shaming us when we walk into the store. You make us walk past mannequins and posters and ads with skinny girls. When we finally get to our section there are no models, no ads, and no sign that anyone cares about plus sized girls at all!


  • No decent suiting can ever be found for us pus size gals, everything is matronly. Everyone seems to forget that big girls like the same things 'normal' girls like, so consider trying to give it to use now and then.


  • Get rid of gaudy patters, give up the big bold loud colors and flowers. Stop designing plus size bras and underwear that look like they are made from wallpaper or designed to old grandma style undies. Try making sophisticated looking clothes.


  • Sometimes shopping for clothes that fit is like trying to decide between four expensive burlap sacks. Nothing looks nice and nothing makes me feel beautiful or sexy- and plus sized undies and bras are impossible.


  • Too many stores treat us like an afterthought. They squeeze the plus sized clothes and the plus sized lingerie in the very back of the store or in the the maternity clothes. Not cool at all and it needs to stop!


  • We are tired of the one-size-fits-all-shapes line of thinking when it comes to plus size anything. It is faulty reasoning and just feeds the derogatory plus-size moniker that society seems to have embraced!


There is a better way to find things that fit and you can get plus sized bras and underwear at a great price. Look and feel as beautiful as you are- shop with us today and discover the difference!


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