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Dating Tips You Wanted to Known Sooner

Posted on August 16 2015

Dating Tips You Wanted to Known Sooner


For some people the dating scene is the only place they want to be. They thrive in the spotlight and like being the center of attention and they enjoy wearing the newest sexy trends and fashions. Others feel that nothing is more terrifying than asking the guy or girl they have a crush on for a date or having to decide what to wear to that first date. Many people find themselves somewhere between these two extremes We all make our share of dating mistakes when it comes to dating, but here are four dating tips many of us probably wish we had known sooner.


  1. Finding that someone special does not have to be your only goal.It is perfectly normal and acceptable for you to have a goal other than finding that special guy or girl in your life. You can be passionate and dedicated but you do not have to be obsessive. You do not have to eat, sleep, breath, and dream only about finding that perfect person. You can and should have other goals, dreams, expectations, and desires along with finding your soul mate. Your focus does not have to be only on the newest lingerie trends and style but on finding someone who can enjoy and appreciate that plus sized bra on your body.


  1. When you like a guy, seriously consider what your friends have to say. Do they have stories and pictures of him at those wild parties? Are there things they mention that he avoids talking about? You need to be with someone who is open and honest and who will communicate with you- about the good, the bad, and the ugly. You need a relationship founded on communication, otherwise it is doom to fail, and usually in a very epic and painful way. You need to be comfortable with your man enough so you can talk about anything and everything from day to day errands to those romantic nights in bed.

  2. Do not think it is about having to convince someone he is right for you. It should be mutual and ideally you both should feel the same for each other at about the same time. It may not be the exact same night or day or week, but it’s been months and you seem to still be trying to make him see that you are the one, maybe you just are not the one for you and you are not the one for him. You shouldn’t have to convince him you look good in plus sized lingerie and corsets.

  3. Sometimes your guy may have little annoying habits.It is important to know the difference between the small things and the big things. Your man leaving the toilet lid up and forgetting to put his socks in the hamper are little things for many people; they are not worth fighting over. Just put the lid down and pick up the socks. It is important to remember that you also have annoying habits that drive your man crazy.   It is the difference between the big things and the little things that can make your relationships easier and more enjoyable for you and your man!


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