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10 Struggles Plus Sized Girls Will Understand

Posted on August 14 2015

10 Struggles Plus Sized Girls Will Understand

Life can be challenging for a woman these days, but for someone who is plus sized or who has a few more curves than normal, it can be even more challenging. There are many aspects of daily life that thinner women take for granted but that plus sized girls will fully understand:


  1. Why can I not find the same cuts/styles in my sizes that they have for smaller sizes? All too often plus sized women are forced to search through endless racks of clothes, looking at the styles they like only to find that they stop at a medium or large size. Totally unfair!

  2. Tying to find something in the plus sized department that doesn't look like they are maternity clothes. Just because we are a larger size doeskin mean we want to look like we are pregnant – why is it so hard to make clothes look nice for us too?

  3. The bane of many shopping trips is floral fabric. Why must the majority of the plus-size clothing available in the stores today look like they were made out of draperies or wallpaper from 20 years ago? We want to look sexy and attractive and being big shouldn't negate that.

  4. What ever happened to them making dresses with sleeves? Why is it all the cute dress styles the make today have to have tank top cut? We don't want our plus size bra straps hanging out- who why is it so hard to make sleeves?

  5. Why does it have to be so hard to find a comfortable bra that does not cost an arm and a leg? Finding plus size lingerie should not be an impossible task and we should not have to settle for the last rung in design and style either simply because we are well endowed.

  6. The models used for plus-sized clothing ads are not true plus-sized people. How are we supposed to feel when clothing labelled plus sized is being tailored to a model who is barely above a size 12 or 14? It is setting us up fro failure and is not cool at all!

  7. The clothing industry today seems to have it in their heads that if you are big, you want to look frumpy and casual rather than stylish and elegant. Umm hello? We are women too! We want to look nice just as much as any other girl out there does!

  8. Why is it so hard to make a nice piece of lingerie that looks nice on a curvy girl? We want to look sexy for our men and we want to find great deals on cheap plus sized bras and underwear and lingerie. If it can be done for a size 2 why not for a bigger size?

  9. Why are all plus sized clothes, underwear, and bras so plain looking? Just because we are bigger and a little harder to design for does not mean clothing designers should just relegate us to plain boring designs, colors, and styles.

  10. When did society start thinking plus sized girls don't deserve to look and feel beautiful too? The most aggravating thing about being a plus sized girl in today's society is somehow people seem to think that curves are bad and that being big is not beautiful and this need to change- now!


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