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Simple Ways You Can Be Happy, Healthy & Sexy

Posted on August 12 2015

Simple Ways You Can Be Happy, Healthy & Sexy 

 If you are looking for some simple things you can do this year to help yourself be happier, healthier, and sexier, then read on because this is the blog for you! Discover helpful tips from My Bra Outlet for making you and your partner closer and more intimate with just a few simple changes and additions you can start working on today.


Get Regular Exercise

Healthy: Common sense and person experience has shown us that when we exercise we look and feel better. It helps us stay in shape and be healthier and it keeps our bodies functioning the way they should.

Happy: When you are healthy you have fewer doctor visits, illnesses do not last as long, you are stronger, and you also are less likely to get sick or injured. An healthy body gives you a happy mind!

Sexy: Making exercise a regular part of your day to day routine can help boost the happy hormones in the brain, which make your libido spike and last loner and helps you be more attracted to your partner.


Eat Good Food

Healthy: Your body relies on what you eat in order to function. You are what you eat so you should put only the best foods into your body to keep it running effectively and at full speed.

Happy: You can save money by not eating out as much. Homemade meals are healthier and gives you a chance to spend time with your lover- and gets you in the mood for the plus sized lingerie games too.

Sexy: Foods affect the brain and certain foods contain the nutrients our brains need to function and develop. Eating the right food can help make your smarter.


Drink Sensibly

Healthy: Getting drunk can do major damage to many of your body’s systems. A drink now and then is not bad and some drinks such as wine can be good for you- but moderation is the key! 

Happy: Alcohol is expensive, so by cutting back on the alcohol you consume on a weekly bases which can help you feel happier about your finances and also helps you not have rely on alcohol to feel better.

Sexy: Drinking too much alcohol has been proven to kill brain cells and hamper brain functions, reaction time,and greatly reduce your libido, so don’t waste that sexy bra and underwear set!

Get Enough Sleep

Healthy: Sleep is critical to your health and it is an important process of the human body. You are programmed to sleep and most people nee between 6-8 hours a night.

Happy: When you have a good night’s sleep you are ready to take on the day and the challenges it brings. It is also easier to shop with us for your plus sized bras and lingerie when you are feeling great!

Sexy: Sex and attraction is an involved matter that takes both partners and with a little work and attention and teamwork you and your partner can enjoy your time together even more.

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  • Jane: August 12, 2015

    Good reminder :)!

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