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10 Interesting and somewhat crazy facts about your underwear

Posted on April 29 2015

We all wear underwear everyday (well, most of us anyway). Whether you’re into g-strings, thongs, hipsters, granny panties, briefs or bikini style- we all spend a fair amount of time and and money on it. Admit it girls, it's not something we don't think about (a lot?). Here’s a bunch of facts about it that you may find interesting and somewhat crazy, along with some health factors you should be informed about. Bare in mind though, some of them should be taken with a pinch of salt.


  1. Thongs can be bad for your health

We have all heard it before, but just to haunt us again: according to Huffington Post, thongs can be bad for your health. It is the shape of thongs which leave your vulva exposed and, especially when you’re wearing something tight like skinny jeans, moisture gets trapped. Also, thongs can cause yeast and bacterial infections because they can very easily transfer harmful bacterial from your butt to your vagina. You are even more likely to get an infection, if you wear them during your period. Even though thongs can be the best option at times, especially when you don’t want panty lines, or if you are a thong loving girl, try not to wear them too often. However, if you do, always go for cotton.


  1. 1 in 10 women admit to going commando

According to a survey by US Today, 1 in 10 women have admitted to not wearing underwear during the day. Each to their own, and I guess on a hot summers day it may be a little cooling, but be careful, as not wearing underwear makes you more prone to a rash, especially when you wear something tight. Also, going commando during your period is also not a very good idea as it makes you more likely to get an infection.



  1. Single people are less likely to change their underwear daily

Apparently, 82% of single people change their underwear daily compared to 88% of the married people. Granted, not a huge difference but it makes perfect sense. If you are single, no one but yourself is likely to see your underwear, but if you are married, someone else is obviously in the know.

Not to sound like your mother, but you should change your underwear on a daily basis regardless of your relationship status as not doing so, leaves you more open to infections. And you may smell #Just saying!


  1. Half of women complain about how underwear fits

According to a survey by US Today, half of women have complaints about how their underwear fits- 30% hate wedgies, 19% can’t deal with how underwear doesn’t lay flat under clothes, and 14% hate that there isn’t enough coverage of their bum. Been there, complained about that, so check, check, check!


  1. If your underwear is annoying, you’ll probably be in a bad mood

That’s true according to the same survey by US Today- 27% of women let ill-fitting underwear affect their mood. Hormonal? Moody?...not really, uncomfortable underwear really sucks!


  1. More confident women wear G-Strings

It has been found that women who wear g-string are more confident about displaying their body, they feel less inhibited and are more likely to try different things in the bedroom. Not a rocket science really as g-string leaves a little to the imagination and require you to be confident to pull them off. Not convinced by the bedroom comment though, that surely is down to the person not a pair of g-strings.



  1. White cotton underwear means you’re low maintenance

Sex researchers say that girls who wear (sexy) white cotton underwear are more low-maintenance and “No Frills”. Supposedly it is a sign that she is comfortable around a guy and it is the underwear equivalent of seeing her without her makeup on. Sex researchers also say that women who wear white cotton underwear are likely to keep sex simple at first. Hard to know how they can tell so much just from an underwear color?...Hmmm….


  1. Cotton is always the way to go

Satin, silk and lace underwear may look pretty, but according to doctors, it is definitely not the best option for your down-there health. What we should go for, is cotton underwear, as the fabric is breathable which  makes it less likely for you to get an infection down there. Some women argue, that even though most of their underwear is made of different material, the area around the vagina is made of cotton. Doctors still argue, that even this isn’t ideal as the outside material still makes it less breathable.


  1. The average American woman owns 21 pairs of underwear

One of the surveys ( I am sure there are hundreds of them) found that an average American woman owns 21 pairs of underwear. Only 10% of women own over 35. 21 seems quite a lot, but I am sure if I properly cleaned my underwear drawer, 21 may be quite realistic. How many I have for sentimental purpose and how many actually fit is a different question all together.

10. Most women prefer bikini style undies

It has been found that 33% of women like bikini style underwear the most, 22% like briefs, 19% like thongs and 17% prefer boy shorts. Not a brainer as bikini style underwear is super comfy and looks cute. Which is your favorite?

Which of these facts did you find interesting? Surprising in fact? And how many pairs of underwear do you own? Tell us in the comments.

Source: girl.com, ShutterStock, US Today


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