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Time for a spring clean in your lingerie drawer?

Posted on April 01 2015

Now that the winter is officially over we are buzzing to put away our winter clothes and fill them with new, lighter clothes. Here’s a little reminder of another part of your house that should also not be ignored during the spring cleaning- your lingerie drawer.

The chaos in your drawer is mainly caused by simply having too much. Take a look and no doubt you will come across a pair (or two) you’ve been meaning to throw away for years, but have kept them for years: your lucky briefs, sexy lingerie you got from your ex boyfriend, bras that are too small but fit you once you find a diet that will work for you, the comfy trunks you have had since you were 18,….and so on.

Whatever the reason, it is time to ditch them for good and make room for the new!

Here are a few tips to help you decide whether the undergarment should stay or go:

Bras: Chuck any bras that have misshapen cups, stretched bands, worn straps, or an underwire that is poking out. They wont be either comfortable nor will they give your girls the support they need. You should also ditch the sexy bras that simply don’t fit. A bra that is too tight is going to give you a very unflattering bra bulge- far away from the smooth silhouette you are looking for and which can be achieved by wearing a good fitting bra. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a bra that is too big wont do any good either, as it wont give you the lift and support you need.

Why not replace them with some of the items from our New Arrivals section.  We have lots of new designs available in a large variety of sizes. We recommend a good basic bra, such as….

And for fun date nights or simply to make you feel sexy, here are some more….











Panties: Do you have to pull your panties up throughout the the day simply because the elastic in the waistband has gone? If so, then it’s time for them to go. Also throw out anything that is overly faded, has holes or stains or is simply too small. You need to be realistic with how much weight you have gained and/or how much will you lose. We know it’s hard, but they have to go.

Another way to test whether those panties should stay or go, is to ask yourself if you would be embarrassed if someone unexpectantly saw you in them?

Then refill your drawer with panties that include everything from comfy briefs, sexy thongs, frilly funky panties.

Why not something from our collection.

 Or some shaping corselets and bodys

And now for the fun part.  Once you have cleaned out all the stretched out, stained, faded, ill-fitting or plain ugly underwear, it is time to restock your lingerie drawer - And go shopping!!!




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