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Newest lingerie collection, The Ada!

Posted on November 03 2014

Apparel brand Dear Kate last week launched its newest lingerie collection, The Ada, complete with a look book featuring a few of New York City’s women in tech 

The brand’s collection is named after 19th century mathematician and revolutionary computer programmer Ada Lovelace. In the lookbook, six women—including the founder of Geek Girl Web, the creator of Style It, and the engineering lead at Refinery29—model the loungey underwear range all while strategizing over laptops, organizing boards, and holding team meetings.


Dear Kate is known for choosing “everyday” women to model their lookbooks, with a variety of body types and skin colors to fill the pages and to combat the very singular look of the women usually highlighted on runways and magazine covers. 

This body democracy also extends into different job descriptions, and if you read between the lines of this campaign, you could argue that Dear Kate is telling us that the everywoman can also do any job. Or, if you prefer: It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like—you too can pursue a career in technology


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