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Couture Lingerie for Real Women: Le Sang Bleu

Posted on October 28 2014

Bradley said at the launch party of her line during New York Fashion Week. "A beautiful piece of lingerie that makes a woman feel special and beautiful and celebrates their body, rather than a piece of underwear that's simply practical—that's what we should be wearing."

With a background in tailoring, Bradley decided to launch her label—which is handmade in her Los Angeles atelier and designed to her clients' measurements and preferences—on six real New York women dressed in couture-worthy gowns that she designed and made herself. Pictured above, the women are beautiful, intelligent, and talented in their own right. Among the set is a chef, a writer, a stylist, an education consultant, a musician, and a PR manager. "I believe what you wear underneath your clothes has a huge impact on your self confidence, and that every women should invest in a piece of lingerie that makes her feel her most beautiful." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Check out Le Sang Bleu's gorgeous pieces here:



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